Climb on….I’ll spot you.


Last night was a positive experience. It was raining so we stayed in the gym and climbed. I didn’t climb, just watching people do it made me severely dehydrated. I tried to traverse, but the spewing water coming from my palms made more than three holds impossible. I did, however, cheer hard for all of the group members. I feel like I am getting a bit closer to a few of them which makes me feel good. They seem so close, I’d like to weave my way into their tapestry of friendship. At the end, they dumped out a bunch of toys and asked us to pick the one the most represented how we felt or thought during the activity. I quickly zeroed in on a little Frankenstein, shoulders hunched, with a frumpy facial expression. That described my feeling exactly. I felt like the frumpy, slow moving, blah with not a smidge of athleticism. Still, it was a good time. The idea of this whole exercise is to realize recovery is easier, and more successful, if you don’t go it alone. You need spotters, support, encouragement. I get it and I agree, but I can’t see myself taking up climbing any time soon.

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