Tonight was group again, where we split the large group into two smaller groups and let each other talk. I like these nights, they are open, safe, honest and healing. They asked me more in depth, about my past and what had brought me there. It was hard to tell everyone, but the more I talk or write about it, it seems to be getting easier. One of the people in the group had to put his dog down this morning. My heart was breaking for him. Then he started sharing how hard he is on himself and how hard that habit is to change. I felt like he was speaking directly from my soul. I knew exactly how he felt in that regard. When you have spent the majority of your life blaming yourself and putting yourself down, it feels near impossible to change. I hope, with all my heart, that he is able find a way to see how great he is. I am excited to keep getting closer to all of these people. They all are so genuine. It’s frightening and refreshing all in one.

My body is getting stronger, I think it is healing and I am getting more energy. I am hoping this weekend will be super productive because of it. I have a couple paintings in my head I would like to do as well.

Baby steps are working so far. 🙂

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