Turning a corner


This morning I woke up with much less pain. I am so thankful for that. I decided to do some mediation, mindfulness and positive self talk this morning as well as some exercising. It’s amazing the difference all these things make when you actually DO them and not just think or read about them. I am feeling really good today, physically and emotionally. I feel like I have turned a bit of a corner. Can’t quite put into words how grateful I am.

Tonight we did a ropes course….well, I spotted people as they did the ropes course. I did walk across the swinging log though, laughing the whole way at how ridiculous it was to be so afraid of being a whopping 4 feet off the ground. I just channeled my inner dare devil and set caution to the wind. So proud.

We laughed a lot, and cheered a lot. It was a good night. I have stuck with flicking myself every time my mind starts drifting into negative self talk or if it starts focussing on others actions/reactions around me. When I keep my mind focussed primarily on what I am doing, what little things I am accomplishing, it makes it a bit easier to handle the world. It also seems to help keep my self talk on the positive side.

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