Beach Rays


Born in Hawaii, finished in Utah.

2 responses to “Beach Rays”

  1. Jen, I just read your last three posts. I can not express to you how much I admire you and am so grateful for you sharing this journey. I love learning – if just a fraction – what you are learning in this process. All of the analogies are spot on. I feel like I need to go back through to be reminded of them all. Staying vigilant and aware of the sharks in the water, keeping them at bay so the waters will be open for the mermaids. Using guilt as a shield in battle and then move through. Mourning the loss of coping mechanisms is like mourning the loss of a friend. Again, thank you for sharing what you have learned so we, your readers and friends, can benefit.

    So glad you will be able to remember all of our recent family vacation. I mean, who wants to forget tubing through dark, narrow irrigation tunnels with absolutely no control of the tube? There has to be a an analogy there, right?

    And I can assure you, you are still fun on family trips and at concerts. Can’t imagine them without you. All my love – Susan

  2. Jen, This Beach Rays Art work is my favorite. It’s so beautiful. You dear friend are beautiful inside and out and I love our hugs in the morning. You give me strength. You are always so up beat and you look radiant. You always make me smile. I heart you!!!

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