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  • Lesson learned

    Lesson learned

    Today has been a particularly rough one. It’s a Sunday evening, we have had some thunderstorms and all I have wanted to do is sit outside with a cocktail. I can taste the vodka and it’s super irritating. It’s a good thing it’s Sunday. This is one of the few times I’ve found myself happy […]

  • Quieting the Mind

    Quieting the Mind

    Tonight was group and more often than not, I leave feeling a little lighter, with a little more hope, and with a smile on my face. I am so grateful for these nights. One of the things we talked through and processed was quieting the mind. Sometimes when your head is full of stress, thoughts, […]

  • Boundaries


    5/12/16 This day started out pretty stressful and full of anxiety. Work was crazy but the anxiety came mostly from having to go to court with my son. We did receive the best possible outcome of the situation and we are all so grateful for that. It felt good to be done with that part, […]

  • Pavlov


    4/15/16 This morning, since today isn’t a group day, I will start if off with a couple things we do in our groups and share my mood, a plus and negative of yesterday, and what I’ve been doing to help stay sober. My mood is hopeful. Yesterday, as is every day, my positive was the […]