My Journey Thus Far….In Art

Hey look! It’s my ‘sober art.’ I have been having a really hard time posting this one. My instinct is to over explain why I’m making, what I see to be, as a sort of boastful post. It is so strange how anxious I am as I fight this instinct. After all, I have been putting these as each posts featured image, why should I be so nervous? I think it’s because I know the real reason I am doing this post, and it’s because I’m proud of myself for something. Saying that out loud makes me feel so ridiculously uncomfortable. In fact, my heart is beating a thousand times a minute and it’s taking everything I have to stop myself from erasing this whole thing and immersing myself in Netflix instead. I am going to keep moving forward though because I feel it’s an important step for me right now, acknowledging the fact that I have pride in what I have created….sober. I know I have said this before, but the fear of sobriety taking away my creativity has been a real one. The fact that I have been able to still express myself through my art, is such a welcomed surprise. I am so incredibly grateful to Nana for showing me the healing power that comes from expressing myself through creation. I think she would be proud of these too.

Thank you for looking at them, like them or not. Thank you. And thank you for allowing me this moment to give myself a high five. Now I have to upload this before I change my mind, again.

Love to you all!!!


Dream Swept AwayAmong the chaosbeachrays2 crane findingshelter imfine mermaid seahorse turtle

7 responses to “My Journey Thus Far….In Art”

  1. They are so interesting, Jenn. Wish I had a creative outlet that would bring beauty and interest to the spaces around me and my family like yours. You are really remarkable! I love you!

  2. You are very talented & I’m grateful you stayed with your post & shared them with us…..

    Although I don’t know you well, you have a special place in my heart…I know how much you helped Mary feel at home when she first moved to Utah…I will be forever grateful for that….

    Keep up the good, and, sometimes difficult work you are doing on yourself…..No one deserves YOUR hard work more than YOU….

    I love following your journey….thank you for being brave and vulnerable & sharing it with us….You are awesome….

    Hope, Peace, Joy, & Love to you & your family for today, & everyday

  3. I really want to see these “in person”. Please show them to me next time I’m at your house. I want to look even closer at the detail. They are amazing! There is so much there. Thank you for sharing them. And yes, you still have it. And yes, Nana would be proud of you as am I.

  4. Jen, Wow!!! So glad you posted these, words aren’t adequate! I want to see them in person too! “Men are that they might have joy!” And that’s exactly what you’ve given me here. Why are we so afraid to succeed and to be noticed? I don’t think that’s what our Heavenly Father wants for us. He wants us to SHINE! To share our talents and bring happiness to those around us. You did that! You are shining! Thank you for being so brave!

  5. From my perspective your sobriety has resulted in you going through a release of creative productivity. I love being able to look a little deeper into your soul through your art. I’m so proud of you babe! Can’t wait to see what else you have in that beautiful mind of yours.

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