Horse therapy


Last night on the way home from family night Dave told me how happy everyone is that I woke up that Friday morning. It is extremely hard for me to see that part of life right now. I feel like I’m a burden that everyone was forced into baring because of my failed action. He is very sweet, and he is full of kind words. I am hoping, that with some tools and help I can one day not see myself as such a pain in the ass.

Tonight was horse therapy and I was in heaven. As we stood around in the arena with the four horses walking around us, receiving instructions to pick a horse to work with and team up into little groups, a sweet old horse named Duke came over and put his head on my shoulder. I teared up….ok, I cried. It was like he picked me. We had a great evening working together. It was so peaceful and comfortable. If my days were spent tending to horses, my world would be a much easier place to handle.

The evening was spent communicating with the horses using as little physical touch as possible. Horses are amazingly perceptive and intuitive. We all worked together to try and get the horses to move in circles with no lead rope, no touch, just our actions and speech. It was amazing.

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